Darkness Within

Kain's Demise

The party returned to Terithiel. Val Zaren asked where all of these brainless people where coming from. The overseer informed him that the epicenter of it all appeared to be 3 miles outside of town and that he had dispatched some scouts to investigate that area a few days ago and that they have yet to return.

Val, Lyrax, and Maxi decided that they would investigate and headed that way the next day. They headed there and after fighting some shadows encountered two illithid. One of which looked similar to the one that appeared in LeCourt.

After heading back to town they encountered a… “enthusiastic” young halfling named Doc Foster. They decided to bring her along and together they fought Kain. After a hard-fought battle they managed to kill him and put his brother Jisai on the throne.

From there they left and searched for a gnome named gizmo. The maniac ate the gemstones and told them that they were “organic in nature”



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