Darkness Within

Darkness' Gambit

The heroes were jarred out of their relatively comfortable lifestyle by a request by Jisai. Promise, a villiage far to the east in Kael’Or was recently destroyed leaving no survivors. To remain on pleasant terms with Kael’or, Jisai asked the heroes to see if they could investigate.

Obtaining a guide from a less-than-reputable bar, the heroes reached Promise in a short time. There they found the villagers cut down like wheat. The managed to rescue a small girl. Footprints from the village led in the way of another village, The heroes traveled as fast as Winchester could carry them, and found the village under attack by none other that Isll Ishin.

Isll was wearing a black leather robe, with a blood-red scythe. The weapon protruded pure darkness and several shadows appeared to aid Isll in battle. The heroes had no choice but to put him down and after a hard-fought battle Isll had only two things to say. One, that he was sorry. And two, Tharzidun has awakened. His shadow turned in on itself and he dissipated.

The Final Battle, The End of Part 1.

After months of peace the presence revealed itself. The heroes traveled to the ruins of sargonne to find their destiny. After climbing a spire in the middle of the ruins they reached a domed room. on the ceiling there were stained glass windows, depicting heroes fighting the darkness. Edgar revealed himself to be an ally. He was tasked with battling the darkness throughout time. and that this time would be the final time.

The heroes entered rooms where they were gifted with power left to them by their previous selves. And after emerging from them they were teleported back to Tyr. From there they began the final battle against the darkness. They fought their way to the center of the current sargonne. And traveled into the center.

Together the heroes fought Kain again. He has become an avatar of the darkness. Together, they fought through horrors and darkness until finally Kain was slain. His final words were, " the whisperings will continue."

The heroes became trapped within the darkness stuck in a void. They eached sacrificed something to regain their freedom, and eventually Lyrax and Val returned to Tyr. Max and Isll’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Kain's Demise

The party returned to Terithiel. Val Zaren asked where all of these brainless people where coming from. The overseer informed him that the epicenter of it all appeared to be 3 miles outside of town and that he had dispatched some scouts to investigate that area a few days ago and that they have yet to return.

Val, Lyrax, and Maxi decided that they would investigate and headed that way the next day. They headed there and after fighting some shadows encountered two illithid. One of which looked similar to the one that appeared in LeCourt.

After heading back to town they encountered a… “enthusiastic” young halfling named Doc Foster. They decided to bring her along and together they fought Kain. After a hard-fought battle they managed to kill him and put his brother Jisai on the throne.

From there they left and searched for a gnome named gizmo. The maniac ate the gemstones and told them that they were “organic in nature”

The Story Thus Far....

The story thus far. Lyrax and Maxwell were staying at a tavern when they decided to look for some work. They found a job working for Jisai Atrys, the prince of Tyr. Apparently a nearby town of Settlestone hadn’t been heard from in weeks and they needed someone to go in and investigate and rescue any survivors. Jisai would lead a force and draw out the orcs that were in the town. Lyrax infiltrated and even managed to slay a few orcs. He continued farther in until he found the sole survivor. A man who had apparently gone insane from something.

Lyrax decided it best to put the man out of his misery. When he did a small gem fell out of his hand. Upon picking it up strange things began to happen. Lyrax felt sick and began to hear small whispers. Lyrax left and returned to the town. There he showed the game to Jisai who decided it best that they show it to the king. They traveled to Tyr and met with the king. After introductions they showed it to Prince Kain Atrys. He was not amused.

He beat his brother and told Lyrax he would take care of it. Lyrax and Max went back to a inn for the night. During the night a armed guard stormed the inn claiming that Lyrax and Max were “traitors” They claimed that Lyrax and Max had slain the Emperor. Lyrax and Maxwell escaped Tyr with the help of Jisai. Jisai claimed that Kain had slain father and that he had crowned himself emperor and that they needed to flee. Jisai provided them with passports to Cilion and showed them where to run.

Lyrax and Max made it to Cilion border and were introduced to a officer named Val Zaren. He would take them to a town called Terithiel where they could meet the overseer of the nearby elven operations. During the night they stopped at a trading post and where attacked by mindless people. They slaughtered most of the elves except a fellow officer named Isll Ishin. Together they fought the horde back and made it to Terithiel. There the Overseer pointed them in the direction of a Arch-druid who may be able to help them.

They journeyed to the Arch-druid’s temple to find it full of the bodies of apprentices. Upon entering further they found the Arch-druid unconscious. After fighting off some strange creatures they managed to save him and find a unrefined piece of crystal similar to the gem they found. They escaped but on their way out where surrounded by more brainless creatures.

Lyrax used himself as a distraction a d pulled the horde away while the others escaped. After running for a distance Lyrax ran into Kain. Kain harassed him and then as suddenly as he appeared he left. Just they Val ran into to get Lyrax out. When they returned to town the overseer said that they were gone for a week. They left for a town called LeCourt. They departed and each began to have strange dreams.

Finally they arrived at a port that would take them to LeCourt. After journeying for three days and dealing with some pesky winter wolves they reached LeCourt. There they sought audience with the King. The child king didn’t know what to make of it. During the conversation of the guards turned out to be a mind-flayer and attacked. With the king’s help the group pushed him back. The illithid teleported before he could be dealt with fully.

The king began a scrying experiment and during it, the waters became a horrific monster that engulfed Max whole. Luckily he was able to cut his way out and slay the beast. After wards the King remained passed out for days. When the group went to visit him they saw none other than Kain. Kain mocked the group and left knocking Max unconscious. The group left and decided to return to Terithiel. When the finally reached the elven homeland they found the entire forest ablaze and more mindless creatures. They managed to get into Terithiel just in time as more creatures attacked. The overseer was amazed that they were alive. He told them that it had been 5 years since they left.


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