Prince Kain Atrys

The emporer's first son. Head of the Royal Guard. (Deceased)


Kain has white-blondish hair and wears heavy armor. On his hips are his two swords, which he wields to deadly effect. He serves faithfully by his father’s side and follows the king’s orders without question.


Kain in the Emperor’s first son and second in line for the throne. Recently, he lost his eyesight in a battle with an orc raid on a Tyrian city, and now wears a blindfold over his eyes. Miraculously, he seems to be unaffected by the loss of his sight and can still fight with deadly accuracy. His half-elven younger brother, Jisai, is second on line for the throne, and Kain is known to have strict control over his brother.

Prince Kain Atrys

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