A dashing young man only 25 years of age, standing just under six feet high with a gracious amount of scarlet hair.


66 Hit points
20 armor (22 vs larger apponents)
5 fortitude, +7 Reflex +7 Will
+9 Initiative
Base attack bonus +4 (
7 melee/+7 ranged)


Some follow the path of the mage, others the more militant path of the soldier. From a young age, Lyrax was neither. His father sent him far north, where he was to be taught secrets known to few. The blending of spell and steel, the art of the swordsage, was to be his path. For the greater part of his life he studied under wizards, rogues, warriors of many styles and creeds. Talkative, Lyrax was quick to rank and be placed in a dormitory where his skills would count. He came to know the dwarven warblade Ugrac, whos only joy was the clash of steel the the sight of his reflection in blood, and the dragonborn Albion Seraph, a crusader and member of Bahamuts clergy. The eldest, Ugrac had left the trio when his time came, disappearing into his peoples holdings to deal with the subterranian menace that plagues his people. Losing their father figure, Lyrax and Albion relied on each other to last the rigorous training.

Lyrax, having a narrower outlook on his path, was deemed able to survive on his own, and sent back to human civilization, leaving the last of his friends to finish her education in the religious path she had chosen. Along the way, he encountered a young Gnoll barbarian named Maxwell, and together they returned to society and thus are where they are today….


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