Darkness Within

The Final Battle, The End of Part 1.

After months of peace the presence revealed itself. The heroes traveled to the ruins of sargonne to find their destiny. After climbing a spire in the middle of the ruins they reached a domed room. on the ceiling there were stained glass windows, depicting heroes fighting the darkness. Edgar revealed himself to be an ally. He was tasked with battling the darkness throughout time. and that this time would be the final time.

The heroes entered rooms where they were gifted with power left to them by their previous selves. And after emerging from them they were teleported back to Tyr. From there they began the final battle against the darkness. They fought their way to the center of the current sargonne. And traveled into the center.

Together the heroes fought Kain again. He has become an avatar of the darkness. Together, they fought through horrors and darkness until finally Kain was slain. His final words were, " the whisperings will continue."

The heroes became trapped within the darkness stuck in a void. They eached sacrificed something to regain their freedom, and eventually Lyrax and Val returned to Tyr. Max and Isll’s whereabouts remain unknown.



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