Darkness Within

Darkness' Gambit

The heroes were jarred out of their relatively comfortable lifestyle by a request by Jisai. Promise, a villiage far to the east in Kael’Or was recently destroyed leaving no survivors. To remain on pleasant terms with Kael’or, Jisai asked the heroes to see if they could investigate.

Obtaining a guide from a less-than-reputable bar, the heroes reached Promise in a short time. There they found the villagers cut down like wheat. The managed to rescue a small girl. Footprints from the village led in the way of another village, The heroes traveled as fast as Winchester could carry them, and found the village under attack by none other that Isll Ishin.

Isll was wearing a black leather robe, with a blood-red scythe. The weapon protruded pure darkness and several shadows appeared to aid Isll in battle. The heroes had no choice but to put him down and after a hard-fought battle Isll had only two things to say. One, that he was sorry. And two, Tharzidun has awakened. His shadow turned in on itself and he dissipated.



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